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sing, dance, have fun. music and movement activate a baby’s brain and create a happy mood. just tap on the songs and get ready to dance.

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Northside Minneapolis residents: Enroll in NAZ
Early Childhood and Family Education
- ECFE is a parenting education program for all Minnesota families with children between the ages of birth to kindergarten entrance.
Way to Grow
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

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Cara guna macam mana ya sis ?

J: Guna sehari sekali, urut lembut kat kepala dan rambut, biar 3-5 minit sblm bilas sampai bersih.

Betul - betul berkesan ke ? Sebab dah pernah guna produk sebelum ini tapi tak sesuai.

J: Inshaa Allah saya jamin 700% sis pasti akan suka syampu aura hijab ni, biasanya 9 dari 10 customer dapat kesan awal dalam 3-7 hari guna. Janji sis gunakan aura hijab setiap hari ikut cara yang kami berikan.

Ada kesan sampingan pada mata tak ?

J: Macam syampu biasa, sebab ada sabun.. basuh dengan air yang banyak kalau masuk mata.

Lelaki boleh gun tak ?

J: Boleh. Sesuai untuk semua jantina dan peringkat umur.

Mengandung boleh pakai ke ?

J: Boleh. Aura Hijab tidak membawa mudarat kepada kandungan

Kalau da botak, boleh tumbuhkan rambut balik ?

J: Tak boleh, sila rawat sebelum rambut anda tak dapat diselamatkan. Aura hijab berfungsi untuk kawal rambut gugur dan menggalakkan pertumbuhan rambut baru. Jika rambut gugur dan mula nipis, ini adalah pilihan paling bijak dan mudah.

Apa bahan dalam Aurahijab ?

J: Aura hijab adalah syampu rawatan 3 in 1 iaitu syampu, conditioner dan perfume rambut. Bahan utama Buah keras Habbastusauda Minyak zaiton Aura hijab perfume.

Memang kena guna hari - hari ?

J: Iye kena guna setiap hari kerana aura hijab merupakan syampu rawatan

Kalau stop guna Aurahijab, masalah lama akan ada balik ke?

J: Kalau stop guna dan salah guna syampu ada kemungkinan besar, sis akan kena balik masalah rambut gugur ni. Jadi, rawatan yang berterusan adalah sangat disyorkan kepada pengguna


housing and income assistance

What happens after I book a time?

You will get a confirmation email which includes a door code. This door code will be required to enter the facility.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your own golf clubs and indoor footwear. Kids clubs are available for your use. All other clubs at the facility are owned by other people. They are NOT for your use. If you break someone else's stuff you buy it. If you intend to play hockey or lacrosse you need to supply your own sticks. NO TAPE on hockey sticks. Use your own white golf ball or those supplied. For other sports use only balls and pucks supplied by GripandRip.

How do I turn the simulator on?

Using the remote you turn the projector on. You will need to point the remote at the overhead projector. You should then wait until the screen image appears. Next you turn on the black power bar above the computer to the left. Once the red lights on the bottom of the computer screen disappear you are ready to play.

How does this work?

Book by the hour and not the person. You will have private use of the entire facility which has one simulator and a practice area in the back of the building. A door code is provided prior to your rental. The simulator has basic instructions and is touch screen. Pretty simple to use. Bring your own food and drinks. NO GLASS CONTAINERS! Keep food and drinks off the turf and take your garbage home with you. Maximum 10 people. COVID protocols in effect. Remember - you are on camera and are personally responsible for your time there. A typical golf round of 18 holes takes .... 1 person - 1 hour 2 people - 2 hours 3-4 people - 3 hours Gift certificates and Multiple hour packages are available online. They can be used over multiple rentals and do not expire.

What Golf Courses are available to play?

Banff Springs

Bay Hill

Beth Page Black

Cabo del Sol

Cabot Links

Cape Kidnappers


Famous Par 3’s

French Lick

Harbour Town

Jasper Park

Karsten Creek

Kauri Cliffs

Kettle Creek

Kiawah Island

Links At Perry Cabin

Medinah CC

Nicklaus North

Olympia Fields

Pacific Dunes

Pebble Beach (version 1)

Pebble Beach (version 2)

PGA National

Pinehurst No. 2


Quail Hollow

Rich Harvest Farms

Spanish Bay

Spyglass Hill

St. Andrews Castle Course

St. Andrews Jubilee Course

St. Andrews Old Course

Teeth of the Dog

Torrey Pines

Troon North

Troon North Monument

Troon North Pinnacle

Wolf Creek

Wooden Sticks

World Executive

What are the food and drink options?

The facility itself does not have food or drinks available. You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink provided you keep them away from the turf and electronics. No GLASS containers. You are required to clean up after yourself or future rentals will be prohibited. You are responsible for your own choices. Remember you are on camera.

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